About Malcolm Mitchell

I was once asked:
If I could be anyone,
Who would I be?
If I could do anything,
What would I do?
If I were to leave one message to the world,
What would it be?

If I could be anyone, I would be myself. Being anyone else would not be justice, it would be dishonorable, for I am who I am on purpose. Becoming anyone else would result in degrading my own destiny.

If I could do anything, what would I do? If you had asked me that exact question years ago it would be simple, direct and to the point. I want to be the best football player to ever live, the player who has a fan on the edge of their seat hoping to see a game changing play; the greatest of all time. Maturity has taught me football is an opportunity to be much more, to do much more than expected. Not only am I hoping to lead other athletes, but I plan to lead those in need of leadership beyond the white lines that so many football players allow to encage their true abilities.

Today I hope to be much more than what was placed in front of me at birth, to encourage those with wavering faith to be strong and to help them hold on long enough to see a change. For the sun may not always shine, but surely it cannot rain forever.

If I was to leave one message to the world, what would it be?

“The only boundaries are those we create for ourselves.”

If our dreams shall be postponed, it is because of our own doing. Follow your heart, follow your vision and follow your dreams, for they will take you wherever you want to go. Faith outweighs fear but progressive faith wins the victory.