Meet Malcolm

“The only boundaries are those we create for ourselves” a phrase often used by the Valdosta, Georgia native. Malcolm Mitchell, born to Pratina Woods, spent the majority of his childhood in a single parent household where his older brother steered him away from poor decisions and his younger sister, through constant criticism, made sure he remained level headed. Malcolm’s family faced financial difficulty, but nothing great enough to deter him from gravitating to his hometown tradition, football.

Immediately, Malcolm began to show a consistent athletic skill set as he excelled on the football field. He began to be recognized nationally for his talent on the grid iron, received numerous college offers, was named an Under Armour All-American and became one of the most talented athletes in his high school’s history.

Football became a mentor and a lifelong friend helping him transcend beyond the white lines, and created opportunities where none seemed to have existed before. Malcolm accepted an offer to attend the University of Georgia as a student/athlete where he was considered one of the top wide receivers in Division I Football and a top-ten all-time receiver in the University’s history.

During his freshman year in college, Malcolm noticed his ability to thrive on the field did not match his success in the classroom and everyday life skills. As a struggling reader he began to tackle this challenge, and through perseverance, books became an avenue for expanding his curiosity, creativity and learning, helping him to reach his full potential. Malcolm graduated in December of 2015 with a Degree in Communications and was drafted by the New England Patriots in May 2016. ​